Intel's Sandy Bridge Launch Details Leaked to the Web



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Ah , I wanted a cheaper ~$300 hexacore. I'm determined to update my q6600 with a hexa or octa.



I'm confused. Does this mean that the new socket for Sandybridge will be available in January?



The top CPU is $317. That is pretty nice.



I'm curious about the i7-2600S figure though (about 2/3 down the list) showing a clock of 2.8/3.8 GHz, it may well be a separate die I dunno, but if it's the same die as the 2600K only "capped", why so low, and at a price point of $305 while the clearly superior in every way other than wattage (the 2600K uses about 50% more) is only marked up a paltry $12 more?!?!

Then, I looked again, the i7-2600 (vanilla, no letters afterward, second on list), apparently has IDENTICAL stats to the first one (admittedly there may be more to it, but I don't see it listed so it begs the question), yet it's $294... Even less than the 2600S, but apparently better clocks, and seeming same stats as the very best one on the list, but for $22 less...

That's effectively irreivant pricing difference and seems to make no sense to even have a separate chip with a difference that small in price point...


I hope for some more stats, maybe I'll dig around a little since I'm not building another system for a few months anyway, so by then it'll all be aired... But the list leaves me with more questions than answers...


I definitely hope those price points are accurate though, that'd be really nice to finally get a good price point on a CPU in the $300 range with great clocks and plenty good stats.



the price point on the i7-2600k is much better than the $500+ price that was speculated...i hope this is accurate. these things over-clock like champs on air! i was going to go tri-channel with an i7-950, but i do believe i will hold out for the i7-2600k



is it just me or are those model numbers complex and confusing?



I smell a price drop coming....:)  I don't know if I can wait 2 months+ though.

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