Intel's Sandy Bridge-E is Reportedly BYOC (Bring Your Own Cooler)



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I like the bring your own cooler path. There are many of us that have a bunch of coolers that came with CPU's that we will never use. Save the money and let me choose my own.




Completely agree with this - cooling solutions are different depending on application and preferences. No need at all to bundle a cooler with the processor.



although they are rated for 130 watts, rumor is that they are running right at 180 watts WITHOUT overclocking. looks like liquid cooling will be able the only real option if you plan on overclocking. if not, a high end air cooler just to keep it semi cool on everyday use



I take it you are not familiar with good quality air coolers? some are rated up to 240 watts and even a $25 hyper212+ cools better and quieter than a h50. Also cooling is not the be all and end all with sandybridge thats why LN2 doesnt clock much higher than air with sandybridge.



my wife's civic is "rated" at 130 mph. it may do that for awhile but not long. you go ahead and slap your $25 cooler on there and then come and cry on the forums cuz it idles at 50 or higher and under load hits nearly 100. no one said anything about buying an off the shelf all in one liquid cooler either. everyone i know would rather build their own custom loop

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