Intel's Latest Six-Core Gulftown Chip Still Breaks the Bank



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I just bought a mobo, 6 core Phenom, 8GB of ram and a 4890 for less than the price as that chip. I'm just a poor gamer, I can't afford to blow that much on a single component.



Still too rich for my blood AMD much more attractive for 6core. If you can spend $900 on the proc why not just spend 1k and get the unlocked part? Makes no sense IMO.



If I am not mistaken the i7-970 has a QPI of 4.8

as quoted on Intel's own website

Also, what about the L2 ? The i7-980X states 6 x 256kb. Does the i7-970 even have L2 ?



I do not think that the $100 lower price will make much of a difference. I am running an OCed 920 and it performs freat. I would go with a 6 core but as was written, the price would have to be in the $750 range however. If I were going to pay $900 I may as well pay $1K.

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One won't see the difference between .13 GHz except in benchmarks anyway, you're only getting the unlocked multiplier but considering the people who are going to be buying these that might be worth it,




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This severely disappointed me... I was really hoping for a 2.66 ghz locked version down around $500... Somehow I knew intel would do this, but you cant blame a guy for hoping.... I really dont suggest intel to anyone anymore unless they have a crazy budget for the best of the best.

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