Intel's Ivy Bridge CPU Launch Slips to March 2012



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Fuck the vendors and fuck Intel. Im going with AMD now and thats final. I was really pumped about puting together a new build this year right in time.


Delay release for artificial reasons and screw me? Well fuck you then.



I'm going with AMD too, but they have also held back their FX processors for quite some time already.



We will still hopefully get the Sandy Bridge E CPU's by years end.  I can't imagine needing more power.  I have i7-2600k and it's more then enough for anything I throw at it.


I can wait :-)



Is it really necessary to change the socket everytime a new CPU is developed? Technical guys, please help me with that...



Heh, I've often wondered the same thing.  I think it's a ploy of the chip/board manufacturers to make more money.



so this is the replacement to the brand new sandy bridge.. WTF. can't intel atleast run a freaking chip for more than a few months before replacing it? I get that they're working on newer and better chips in order to make computing better but damn. I hope that it uses SandyBridge's LGA 1155 socket in order for people to not have to rebuild their entire systems again, especially after that crap with the launch of the 6-series that had the big snag at first.  While Intel is great, this is why I'm leaning more toward AMD, atleast their stuff stays more constant without having to do massive upgrades every time a new chip comes out.   I will wait and see as I would like to know more about the new IvyBridge.



Not a replacement. It is simply a revision. It is a die shrink, nothing more nothing less which will be backwards compatable with any Z68 board. You want the die shrink? Simple buy the chip and plop it in most likely with a motherboard Bios update...



Intel is trying to do either a tick or tock every year - this means either a process improvement (like Sandy Bridge) or a die shrink (like Ivy Bridge).

This year's big improvement is improved graphics (which does me no good on my P67), but we will see 22 nm next year, along with perhaps USB 3 support or Thunderbolt support.  Unfortunately this may require more connections to the MB.

Intel, if you are taking requests, please add a couple more PCI lanes to the P67 - just a couple would do - so you can support some of these new PCI 4x cards in addition to PCI 1x, or the extra 2 6 MBps SATA ports that everyone adds.

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