Intel's Atom Sales Exceeding All Expectations



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I hope it does impede sales of the core and bites them in the arse. Intel is the gustapho of the technology sector and I hope they have core or atom procs die like that of Nvidia mobile gpu's.



I remembered reading intel plan making core atom news here, so it won't be disappointed. As for Nvidia cuda, that's different than cpu.

Edit: happen to find the dual core atomn news



not to sure about atom, its wonderful for the price but if people start going atom instead of the core line for office PCs intel may regret this "success"



Do we get the chance to use intel's mobile/notebook cpu in office pcs?

Based on that example from above, what's the chance for atom to be used in pc?

If Via's NANO could get into the office PC and desktop/home PC, what will happen in the industry and consumer's thoughts and decision when price is also very competetive?



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