"Intelligent" Supercomputers Put to the Turing Test



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More realistily it would be a better test if you make it a double blind.  Use the old Turing method, and also use this method, see how well a computer AI to AI can discover weather or not the other is intelligent.  This generates a large matrix to be analized for all humans of each range of IQ and personality type, and each computer system and its AI protential.  It would kind of be like creating an AI IQ test, it would have to be measured on a bell curve, and have to be statistically correlated to the Human IQ natural IQ distribution bell curve.  If there is a correlation in a given vector of the matrix, then it passes that AI intelligent classification quality of being self aware.  Now that is a real test.  I can easly write a subconcious AI program that is aware of our reality, but not it's own.  Is that alive or not?  It would be meaninful to humans preception, but it's own perception woulud be concave.




artifical intelligence off of metal hardware + computer program is impossilbe.

It couldnt be done even if mankind was given an infinite amount of time to do it.

 Biological computers on the otherhand, could have an intelligence (not an "Artifical one")



I'm rooting for Ultra Hal! Even if the implications of it's sentience could spell certain doom for our brave scientists....


Keith E. Whisman

If you remember 2010 it was discovered that Hal had been given conflicting orders that the mission must be completed at any cost. Hal determined that the mission was in jeopardy so he killed the crew. Perfectly logical and seeing as Hal willfully gave his life in the end of the movie to help the Russian ship escape with the Americans on board goes to show you that it really wasn't his fault. He was obeying his programming.



Well i hope the new AI machines handle contractions better than Data.

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