Intel Wants Ultra-Cheap Pricing for Ultrabooks



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Intel keeps championing the idea of cheaper ultrabooks but they are steadfast in the CPU pricing. The manufacturers are practically making these things out of cheap plastic and don't seem able to trim the fat anywhere else.



Kind of stupid really. They say that "working with the rest of the industry" is required, while their CPUs (at least on the desktop lines) cost $250+ for decent performance. Intel is offloading that excess pricing onto laptop manufacturers instead of cutting pricing themselves and delivering actual value (i.e. bang for the buck). Who are they kidding? They say giving away the CPUs for free wouldn't bring laptops under the $700 mark -- well, it'd get them more than one half of the way there by cutting off $200.

When Intel gets their crap together before shoving the real work on other companies, is when they'll see real growth in mobile markets (laptops, netbooks, tablets, maybe even smartphones).



Paul wrote another artical that I think relates to this.

how to manage Intel during the transition to ARM, how much his company is spending on R&D,

I think Intel might consider chips for a windows 8 tablet, before Nvida does because there already working on making them. If Intel wants 700 dollar ultrabooks to be part of the solution and re-think what consumers may want.



I'm sure we've all heard the saying "You can wish in one hand and crap in the other.  Let me know which one fills up faster."

Intel management needs to get busy at being competitive on price as well as features and stop wasting time trying to force everyone to play by their rules and wishing for sub $1,000 laptops that half or two thirds of the costs is based aroud their CPU/chipset.  No one is going to play their game when there are other options on the table (AMD, Arm, NVidia).

While I'm sure they might be able to finally force it to happen, those other options aren't going to sit around and wait, and Intel will burn bridges.

Get off your horse Intel.  Lead by example, not by force.



If Intel wants ultrabooks (stupid name btw) to be priced cheaper then they should manufacture one themsevles and stop asking everyone else to lower their prices. 



The thought that people would seriously ditch 3-400 dollor laptops, and 400-500 dollar tablets for the 900 and above ultrabook (based on the AIR model) was a dream. But it seemed logical to intel and others

netbooks originally were cheaper than laptops, then came tablets- more expensive than netbooks with the added APP revenue stream, so push people into the higher bracket.

especially since everyone has a tablet- right! (well even a basic e-reader is counted just like an Ipad in the surveys)

I don;t see the ultrabook thing going anywhere- casual users will buy tablets- most people who need a more rounded experience will continue with laptops or desktops



Ultrabooks like the Acer S3 use processors and chipsets which already cost around $600, two thirds of the $900 the S3 is retailing for. If Intel wants to drive prices down, they better put their money where their mouth is and drop the unit price of their components.

With Windows 8 able to run on ARM and many low voltage processors such as nVidia's Tegra and those from Samsung, TI, Qualcomm and so on, its going to be an interesting space to watch.

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