Intel Wants to Tweak the All-in-One Form Factor for Portability



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Im kinda happy now that AIOs are sporting HDMI in and can be used as TVs.

If I wanted a portable AIO, I'd want one with the guts in a standalone box and WirelessHD to drive the battery-powered touchscreen. If the box is portable too, you can lug that around in the backpack and take it on the go. If not, the screen could still be carried around the room/house and used locally.



Being able to transport say, the 27 inch model could be neat if their was a virtual poker app that supported multiple touch gestures. Do these consumer touch screen displays register more than one person touching the screen? (Wouldn't make much sense to wait and take turns one after another)

Would also be interesting if these AIO's do start getting built with dedicated graphics. Would be a pretty sweet LAN party rig to just pick up and take along.



I wonder why they have not started using Mobile Graphics Cards inside these new AIO's. Guess they are all to busy using Intel's Integrated HD4000 graphics that come built onto their CPU's. Guess for now, if you want to pick up & take along, you'll just have to settle for a Gaming Laptop.



I have no problem lugging around a gaming laptop. No big deal there! Its just a nice idea of having a bunch of good components built into an AIO and having that potential 27 inch real estate.

You'd think they would pack more of these with the mobile discrete video cards. At least that way you'd get some pretty decent gaming done still.

The day I see an AIO PC packing a 680MX is the day I may actually start to consider purchasing one.

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