Intel Updates Its CPU Roadmap with Price Cuts, Says Motherboard Partners



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I assume the new chipset referred to is the x58, which uses a new and larger CPU socket.  Are some under the misconception that they may be able to run current C2D/C2Q processors on future Nehalem boards?  I'd love to have the upgrade path from Penryn to Nehalem, but with the memory controller being moved onto the processor and the death of the FSB, there's no way to make this work.  Socket 775 and FSB have lived a good, long life.  Bring on Nehalem and QPI.

 Hold out for price cuts if you want, but the last socket 775 boards are already out in the marketplace.



Maybe I've been living in a cave, but I have an E8400 and it's awesome. So, I find it hard to believe that Intel will soon discontinue the Q9450, and 10 dual cores! If that is true, it could only be because their new chipset due in a month is incompatible with their current Penryns and Intel will release an even better family of chips. It just seems like this is an unnecessarily quick change. Right?


Keith E. Whisman

Intel sure have been doing alot of price cuts the past few months. Why settle for a 2.4ghz Q6600 when you can get a 2.83Ghz for around $250bucks or cheaper and it's an 1333mhz FSB 45nm 12mb cache Penryn chip. Penryn that means it's gotta taste good.



I had planned on ordering a Q6600 this week, but I guess I will be waiting a month to see how much the price drops.



because I just purchased a system 4 days ago. Not the reason for registering and replying here, tho...

I've seen the i7 975 3.33 gHz chip. It was OC'd to about 4.5 and obviously liquid cooled. And a guy had one for sale on eBay for 1200.00 bucks. lol.

Big whoop.

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