Intel on Track for 300mm Fab in China



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Can't wait till China ripe off Intel. China will have it own Intel ripoff chip sooner than later it seems. They get you by selling cheap labor, than they sell your product cheaper.



One word came to mind: Outsourcing. I don't care that they came up with a better way to manufacture much that they decided that it would cost them also less to pay Chinese workers to do what American workers should be doing.

Good idea Intel! Cut those American jobs! You'll save more on top of your new Fab process.



Something I have always wondered, but never bothered to ask...  Why do they make those wafers round?  There appears to be a lot of waste around the edge and dies are square, so if they made them square wouldn't they get a little more out of each wafer?  There has to be a logical answer, but I haven't really looked into it.  Maybe  I should google it.

Edit:  Posting this made me actually bother to go look it up, and it makes sense now. 



Well don't make us google it and wase carbons, :P


Tell us.


What i dont get is why 300MM is better then 200mm (thats what the article seems to say)


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