Intel Talking with Google Over Android-based MIDs



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Both of these companies are trying to square off a monopoly. Intel want's AMD off the map so they can charge outrageous prices they think they deserve for thier CPU's and Google want's M$ so bad they can taste it. Think about it, Intel over the past year has tried to make it out that Nvidia was the reason for the whole mess they were in. Why? So when thier Larabee hits, people ticked off with Nvidia would look Intels direction. Google has been knockin on M$'s door for a while now with Gmail, Google doc's, Android. Now they want a slice of the OS prize. Now I know why I don't use anything Google and try to stay clear of Intel. I know my netbook here has an atom proc, but as soon as AMD spits out a netbook, I'm there and this will become a hand-me-down.

MID's to me are worthless. I have an HTC Touch Pro (soon to be a Touch Pro 2) that will do everything it does and it has a phone to boot!! I'm sure though it will be much faster, but I'll live with the lesser of two evils.

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