Intel Steamrolls Semiconductor Market, Reminds Everyone Who the Big Man on Campus Is



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Yeah, but unlike Apple who consistently uses the "cool factor" to push it's products, Intel actually continues to inovate in the actual products they sell. That's why I never understood the hate towards Intel, besides a couple failures like pushing Netburst, they are always pushing the boundry. I feel like (at least nowadays) they are company run by engineers and not just marketing.



"Like the Utah Jazz in 1998, Samsung actually had a shot at overtaking Intel..."
In what universe did the 1998 Utah Jazz ever have a chance of overtaking Intel?

I know what you were TRYING to say...but you messed up.  That is definetly NOT said correctly, even taking into account the analogy started previously in the article.



And deservedly so. I cannot think of a company besides Apple that has done such a great job of pushing their own boundaries and leaving others in the dust. I bought  over $800 of Intel products this year alone (and none from Apple- sorry).

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