Intel Starts Shipping Haswell Chips, Minor USB Bug Affects Chipset



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The only thing that bothers me is the, "at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing next week".
Does Red China own that much of us????



You're missing part of the story. They've already revised the chip (fixed the problem)--it's just that they've already have a stockpile of the glitched chips.

Rather then delay the release of Haswell-- they are giving Computer OEMs/retailers and end-users the choice between the problem chips available shortly at a discount
or waiting for the C2 stepping in July with mass availability in August.

Ps. How do you report SPAMMERS?



I don't see this as a horrible problem for most most cases you insert thumb drive, do your thing and move on.

But what if the thumb drive is to be used as password or user authentication? or user login?
Then there are people that don't use a iSomething to listen to portable music on ..that have thumbdrive style usb mp3 players.

I'm sure we'll hear some problem or another come forth from this that is not already out there. Not saying this is a doomed chipset.. But there will be some compatibility issue or another with certain devices. (Some think thumbdrives are old news.. But in reality a lot are in use and will remain in use.. especially in corporate settings.)



Screw Haswell, GIVE ME IVY-Bridge-E!



AMEN....and with 2011 Socket!



So in other word's they;re still shipping a defective product? Well OK, not defective, but a product with a small defect in it. Not a good idea if it were something major, but since its just USB thumb drives that not a whole lot of people use. By that I don't mean 20 people use them, I mean not a large percentage of the world population uses them. Of course, I have no idea whether that's actually true or not, but that's been my observation recently. Everyone's into the USB storage drives to the tune of 1TB and up, or the micro SD cards and whatnot. USB thumb drives, while a nice thing to have, are just starting to go out of style nowadays. No offense, but that's just how I see things, and like I said, I cold be completely wrong and if I am then I apologize.



Both Intel and AMD have a history of shipping defective products. And often times, they take said defective products and turn it into another product line. And a lot of times, those defects were really major.



I'm not saying you're wrong to criticize Intel, but this isn't an isolated case. Pretty much every CPU/chipset family ever made has some errata.

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