Intel to Start Phasing Out Sandy Bridge Processors in September



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Ghost XFX

Actually, I think the Sandy Bridge is a much better buy overall than the Ivy Bridge. And with the overheating problems people already discovered early on with the Ivy Bridge, what's to say more issues won't come up in the near future?

But anyways, it sucks when your manufacturer won't even entertain giving you the choice of overclocking your chip or not. It's akin to Microsoft saying, "You can't mod our program, our XBox, our your liking!" You'd think they were hiding something...



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I still haven't seen any IB i3s yet... and anyway, why get rid of the older ones? Some people don't care about the latest and greatest and would prefer to save money. (like how apple still sells older iphones and ipads)



I have to say maverick it may seem like they update there sockets everytime a new chip comes out but Ivy Bridge still uses 1155 which is exactly the same as Sandy Bridge. I have a Z68 motherboard and I can upgrade to ivy bridge just fine with just a BIOS update.



I love their chips dont get me wrong, but every new chip has a new socket. I just don't care to keep upgrading it anymore. I'll wait every 3-4 years unless they keep the same socket for longer and I only have to upgrade the chip. Otherwise, I'll stick with my 3 year old proc.


John Pombrio

I have NEVER upgraded a processor without buying a new mobo to go along with it. What is the use of have a CPU with nothing to plug into it? Just an expensive object just sitting in a drawer somewhere. No, I pair the CPU and the mobo for life.



I'm glad I didn't purchase a Sandy Bridge model :)
I'll wait til the NVIDIA GTX 650 or 660's arrive, I can't afford the 670 it's too pricey for a student like me ^_^

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