Intel to Ship Sandy Bridge-E in November, Prevent Balls to the Wall Overclocking of Ivy Bridge



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how does sandy bridge compete with ivy bridge to begin with

pci-e 3.0 nope more total max lanes nope

quad channel memory nope with higher clock support nope

IM almost sure there will be a unlocked K version of ivy bridge imho




I really don't see this as a problem.  You can really only OC sandy bridge by multiplier as it is, so further crippling bclock overclocking doesn't really effect people much.  Besides, why would you need to OC beyond what, like 6.5 GHz on the K series?

Also, will it still have multiple PCIe x16 lanes and quad channel RAM?  That's all I really care about.  I'm taking a long, hard look at the 6-core mid tier K-series LGA2011 i7.

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