Intel to Ship New Core i7 and Celeron CPUs in Fourth Quarter 09



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It’s wonderful that New Core i7 and Celeron chips are coming to the market. What will be the especial features of these new staffs? The technology is developing very fast. I think it’s time to upgrade my PC to keep pace with time. guest beds



The intel core i7 975 Extreme will be around for some time still.  This should be the hottest CPU for Laptops esspecially for a while.



I think what some of you are forgetting is that Westmere (the 32nm die shrink of nehalem) will definitely be on LGA 1366. so the socket absolutely does have an upgrade path. the core i5 will be almost as fast as the current Nehalem chips but still much slower than Westmere. if you want the fastest CPU then 1366 is the socket to get



I am holding out purchasing a Core i7 because I've heard the Core i5 (if they are going to be called that) will require new motherboards, but at a cheaper cost with approximately the same speed at the i7's.  People were complaining that the current Core i7's won't have an upgrade path, but with this news it sounds like they will.  So they question is, buy a Core i7 now or wait until the fall for the Core i5's (or whatever)?

This is why Intel needs competition.



Well i would say go for the Core i7 right now...The prices are AWESOME and the performance is OUTSTANDING.  Yeah you could wait, but if we always waited till the next newer better thing came out, we would never get anything...just my opinion.





Go with AMD's Phenom II. Just as good as intel in real world performance, cheaper, and like always, an upgrade path that won't break your back or budget.

That's my 2 cents....



 The Phenom is compareible to a Core 2 not a i7

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Sort of...


AMD's competitor to Core i7 is a newer grouping of Phenom II processors on AM3. The Core 2 competitor Phenom IIs I believe you are thinking of are AM2+.



I know that :P Wasn't comparing chip to chip. Just stating that AMD has a much, MUCH better upgrade path. You can buy an AMD mobo today and know it can last you through the next generation of procs. Just about every time intel comes out with a new proc, you have to upgrade the mobo too. Not every time, but dang near!



Now that was funny. I almost thought you were serious.

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