Intel Reveals Updated Stock Cooler Design for Gulftown CPU



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 I was planning on upgrading my i7 920 eventually and this looks like the chip to do it. Hopefully, MS will have multithreading built into Win7 enough to utilize all these cores. Will not have to worry about the cooler as I already have aftermarket for my 920.



Well, do you think its worth the wait or just go with a i5-750?



I don't think the i5 750 will be any competition for the i9 series. Most people considering the i5 750 are looking for absolute bang for their buck. I can't imagine even the lowest end i9 CPUs costing any less than triple the price of an i5 750. If you aren't willing to spend big time money on a CPU you should probably just get the 750. The alternative would be to buy an i7 920 now, then in a year or so when prices come down, swap it for the i9 which will work in the same socket as the 920.



Doesnt look half bad, and its about time. I just dont hope they dont charge an arm and a leg for it. Oh wait, it's $1000 CPU. Nevermind.



It's a cutting edge SIX core CPU with capability AMD's wet dreams couldn't even contend with, much less their fielded product... What do you expect it to cost? The best i7 is still weighing in at about $1,000 even now, and will likely only step down from that once its has been usurped by the i9 that would be effectively 50% MORE capable still... Yeah, how dare Intel charge what the market will bare for their product! DARN MARKET FORCES! how dare they use basic economics 101 against you like that... ⌐_⌐

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