Intel Responds to 'Unsubstantiated' Reports of CEO's Anti-Windows 8 Remarks



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"did not seem to have a problem with the idea of Microsoft releasing Windows 8 a little prematurely — a practice much more widespread than what most people like to think."

WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT. EA and many other software devs have been doing this- selling software half assed at full price until 6 months later when they fix the bugs. You would have to be one sick-headed motherfucker to think this is ok. Last I checked, no one liked getting fucked in the ass, let alone by a greedy company.



"Anti-Windows 8 Remarks"! How can that be???

Can't wait for October 26th! Then the you know what hits the fan.

If you think the techs negative remarks are bad wait till the average user gets this POS OS on their PC.



"We’re looking forward to making Windows 8 available to the world on October 26th,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Making the O/S available doesn't mean it's READY!

Windows 8 is the sucketh...

I won't be switching from Win 7 and that says a lot because I've been day 1 adopter for every MS O/S for a while now.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Youtube> Photoshop Tutorials


Peanut Fox

Metro would have been so much better as a feature rather than a focus. After spending time with it, there are a few things it does well, and while I think the start menu is dated, it's still better than Metro in a lot of areas.

If they kept the Start menu and had Metro as an option to pop up on Windows key like the Steam overlay that'd be pretty cool. Having access to metro apps and a decent web browser even in games, and across all applications would have been really nice.



Yo! Redmond! The truth hurts doesn't it. It IS half baked. A tablet OS slapped on top of Windows 7 is hardly fully baked.

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