Intel Reportedly Shipping Graphics Free Core i5 3350P Ivy Bridge CPU in Q3



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How will this compare to a 3570k? Will it come with a proper iridium solder?



But you lose quick sync, low idle temps, low power drw for basic stuff, and it's not much cheaper at all. plus when it's time to upgrade you can't hand it off to your parents without a discreet gpu. yay?


Peanut Fox

I had a similar situation when I handed down my Core 2 Quad system to my parents. I was thinking how cool it would have been if I didn't have to also slot in a GPU for them as well. I lucked out in that I had a passively cooled 9500 GT I bought for another purchase and then later boxed up when I didn't need it anymore. Thought I don't think I'll be giving them this Ivy Bridge system when the time comes it's great that it's not something that needs to be considered anymore.



Everyone knows that Intel's graphics SUCK. Steve Jobs even said so in his bio. Just cut the nasy thing off, and you have a good CPU that doesn't waste electricity on an awful GPU.

Add an Nvidia or AMD/ATI graphis chip, and voila!


Peanut Fox

If you pair a card with a z77 board and take advantage of graphics switching you'll save power not waste it. A gigantic GPU idling consumes far more energy than the little Ivy Bridge chip when doing mundane things such as web browsing and handling office applications.

In truth you can even get away with some light gaming Playing Diablo 3 at 1080p isn't near as pretty or smooth, but is doable on an Ivy Bridge setup.

My SLI setup only sees work when I game or use them for 3d rendering. Otherwise the Intel chip is doing all the work. It consumes less power, and I don't have the constant heat dump of 2 GPUs warming up my water.

Integrated chips from Intel and AMD are a long way from sucking these days.



They USED to be awful. Nowadays, Intel's upped its graphics a good amount. You can actually play recent games at low to medium settings on the HD 4000.

Also, having integrated graphics are a hella more energy efficient than using external graphics.



Playing "recent games" at _low to medium_ settings on Intel's best integrated graphics solution still qualifies as "awful".

Seriously. Low settings?!! This is okay in your book? It shouldn't be, not for someone posting on _Maximum_ PC's site.

I support this move from Intel since if I buy one of their chips with integrated graphics, as they are so underpowered, I will have to buy a discreet graphics solution regardless, so I'd rather save on the processor and apply the savings to said discreet graphics solution.

"Also, having integrated graphics are a hella more energy efficient than using external graphics."

Does this actually matter in a desktop? Talk about "counting watts" in computing doesn't sound very "Maximum PC" to me :(


Peanut Fox

It matters when it's money out of your pocket. Cash is cash and if there is an options to put more of it in your pocket why wouldn't you take it? Barring you're not exchanging performance or fun for it.



Hey, some of us care about saving electricity and the environment as well! I do, for one.


Peanut Fox

You would post while I was in edit mode XD



Well, break out the champagne. I really hate that these guys don't just release all-unlocked processors. Now they have 3 different models of each CPU. I'm currently shopping for a new rig to build and I spent 20 minutes figuring out that there is only 1 "k" series core i7 Ivy Bridge CPU. What a joke! Stupid marketers...



Well thats not a 2550k Replacement at all...

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