Intel Relaxes Netbook Restrictions



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It's kind of funny when netbooks are just as much as the cheaper laptops, when the entry-level laptops are bigger, faster and better when put against these. The only excuse for buying a netbook is when you don't want to carry around ~5 lbs. all day. I admit though, I have a 1st gen Eee netbook in my car solely for music, and it's way better than an mp3 player/iPod because I can hold so much more, even with ~120 GB, and I finally have an equalizer (something that pretty much no music player has, or it's sucky if it does). But I only paid $160 for it, because it didn't have an OS and I bought it off a buddy of mine. 



"Intel put certain restrictions in place for any manufacturers hoping to score a discounted Atom platform"

Intel does this?  WTF is wrong with them?  Why on earth would they try to restrict manufacturers so much?




I have a HP mini netbook I bought in 2009 while I was in Iraq just because I was bored and wanted something new to play with. Stripping windows xp from it was the worst idea ever, since every version of linux ive tried on it cant recognize the wifi card in it and now it crashes all the time. 


I still think netbooks are pointless, I can do WAY more on my Xoom.



It's not 2009, and I can only imagine what crappy HP mini you got stuck with since so many vendors won't ship to APO's.  I wasn't overly impressed in the Asus 1000HE I invested in while at Fort Benning in 2009, but there are many netbooks today that are quite capable of WAY more than your Xoom.  AMD's Fusion platform is really changing the game and systems using desktop Atoms along with discreet nvidia graphics are pretty capable as well.  Many of today's high end netbooks are nothing less than tiny laptops.  Portable, capable, and sporting long battery life, they are still more useful than tablets especially when it comes to content creation and application compatibility.



Wait a second, you're telling me it's not 2009?!?!?!? HOLY EFFING CRAP!! WHERE TEH HECK HAVE I BEEN?!?!


I got stuck with the same crappy netbook anyone else could've bought in oct '09 since I bought it at the Liberty PX.

Show me a netbook with built in 3G(and in a couple weeks once I ship it in, 4G) and battery life equal to my Xoom, which as of this moment says it's been on battery for 2 days, 1 hour and 38 minutes, and it's still at 55%.

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