Intel Readying 3.5GHz Core 2 Duo E8700



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Quad or nothing. Dual cores quickly become loaded up with processes once you start running VMs, or many applications at once (even if they are not multithreaded). They are also wicked fast at video encoding.

C2Q Q9450





I am still running my E8500 and I may get a E8700 if for nothing else just to see how high I can clock it.  personaly think that the higher stock GHz chips have more of a chance of overclocking higher than something like an E8400. I can run mine at 4.2 air cooled so if I could get a 4.5 or more out of an E8700 It would be worth the extra .01 second of time that I would save.   : P



I have never really considered a quad-core cpu for my next upgrade since I don't do much video/audio encoding or editing. If this causes the price of the E8500 (or even the E8600) to drop even further then that is great news for me.



The only good thing about this is that it could drop the price of the E8400.

its just that chip with a 500mhz overclock. big deal

I guess it gives the OEMs a chance to "update" thier lineups with "new" chips to suck more money out of people who dont know any better.

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