Intel Ready to Tackle Smartphone, Tablet Markets with New Atom Platform



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Intel needs to stay out of the mobile market. These chips might have the power problem pegged but Atom chips can't and won't compare to Omap or ARM chips for some time to come as far as performance. Besides, if the graphics are anything like intel of old...and new...these SoC's will fail like a lead balloon.



Read Tomshardware's indeapth article this one doesn't give it justice.,2624.html



Read it. Still didn't make a difference in my opinion. It's power consumption on par with other SoC's but I doubt it. As far as what intel and Tom's Hardware has to say about the Atoms frame rates, I beg to differ. My Palm Pre does videos at 30 FPS at 480 x 320 and 60 at 240 x 160. Although it's not HD, but who the flip cares?? It's a phone. And to be honest, If anyone has to tether their phone to their TV to watch a movie, I'll suggest to them to get a meet a woman...get the fascination of watching a HD movie on their phone is a thing of the past.....


Peanut Fox

Qualcomm said several months back that they plan to release a 1.5GHz part by the end of 2010, and a dual core part early next year.  Ultra mobile parts are about to get very interesting.  Not to mention that with graphics on chip Intel will be cutting into potential Tegra sales.

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