Intel Readies HD Graphics Driver Update for Ivy Bridge



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My Acer laptop has both an HD Graphics 4000 & GeForce 640M in it. So I take it I'll be able to update the driver for the IGP from Intel.

I do have a question however, how come when I try to update the GeForce drivers from the ones that currently come with the laptop, that it gets stuck in the Basic visual style and there's no way to get around that unless you uninstall the new driver and go back to the "stock" driver?



Is this going to incorporate their new graphics API extensions? I find it disturbing that another company has released yet another proprietary API for graphics effects. It must be a nightmare for game devs right now.



I agree.

I'm still leery at Intel's weird, proprietary video encoding via GPU scheme. Why not create it in openCL (or Intel has the resources to make it work in GL and be more accessible IMO)?

But on topic, who would use a specialty API for an anemic graphics card? The companies that have the resources to make software to capitalize on that, like Epic, can't even hammer out an engine that can take advantage of the console and the PC as it is so I have no faith in them creating anything that could also take advantage of this Intel stuff.



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I'm not sure that any driver update, unless Intel made some sort of deal with the Devil (or has been retarding HD 4000 for a while now; this is the company that wanted to do just that in the recent past), could make it so that the Intel HD 4000 GPU could play anything more intensive than Pong at 3840*2160.

It currently struggles with even rudimentary 3d games from the Windows Live/Xbox marketplace @ 1600*900 so there's no way that a mere 10% improvement will enable it to do anything besides MSOFFICE at 4k!!

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