Intel Pushes Ultrabook Makers to Adopt 3D Displays, HD Resolution



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Ultrabook to me means, higher quality, higher specs in all areas. That said what the HELL is the excuse for the middling displays up to this point, sure I can accept 1366x768 in my 11.6 inch Acer Timeline X mini-notebook ?

Sadly when looking at a 14 or 15 inch screen, I expect there to be a lot more pixels. Now that Apple has a high pixel count Macbook.....whats to stop me from buying one seriously spec'ed out unit, drop Windows 7 in bootcamp on it and show an Ultrabook a thing or two about pixel density.

Until these manufacturers get it right, I'm sticking with my big bad Aspire 8735G laptop with dedicated video and no, I feel no need to 3D.....



+1. I wouldn't be surprised if my next phone had more pixels than do these current ultrabooks.

An iPad already does. There is nothing cool about an "ultrabook" being utterly defeated by a _tablet_. Mind-boggling.



Does anyone like 3d on laptops?

I think the concept is somewhat cool, but I am not going to wear goggles to see a game in 3d.

Anyway, who does serious 3d gaming on an ultrabook, that is what I have my ASUS G series for.



TPM for the win!
nVidia GTX 6xxm for the epic win!



I'm shocked to see that the so-called "ultrabook" didn't debut at Full HD resolution, which has been around in force for what, half a decade now?

Though to be fair, despite what the MaximumPC article says, the Intel integrated graphics are _not_ capable of driving 1920*1080 for any 3d application, unless you're OK with running games and applications at the opposite end of the settings spectrum from "ultra" on your "ultrabook".

Nothing says "ultra" like playing on low and medium detail settings, and the MPC benchmarks for Ivy Bridge show that such low detail levels are the best we can hope to eke out of an ultrabook :(

I'm sure that it could do 2d applications like Office just fine at 1080, but then, what laptop cannot? I have a Radeon Xpress 1150 that can rock Excel at 1080, so color me unimpressed with Full HD 2d performance.



I agree with the HD resolutions, we shouldv'e already had that.

As for the touch screens and 3D functionality....

I think that touch screen idea isn't bad, but we need someone to come up with a new screen that does not get all dirty after touching it, I HATE fingerprints all over my tablet and phone, my laptop having a touchscreen and getting dirty like that would suck because I would do more cleaning than actually using it.

3D is extremely questionable, I would like to know why they wanna push this. They must know something we don't. I don't need my screen "popping" out at me and I don't wanna pay for something that I'm not using.

I don't see the point behind 3D technology right now, until I can physically interact with 3D objects like I'm Tony Stark I don't care for it.



I don't want to complain about an arbitrary user experience, but who at Intel thinks it's necessary to have a 3D or Touchscreen display for an Ultrabook? Sure, the sub-$1000 ultrabook range is rather abysmal and needs to be changed around; foremost they need to have better displays because our interaction with our laptops revolve around three things - the touchpad, the keyboard, and the display. 3D is completely counter-productive to the current pricing fixture because it'll force ultrabooks to have dedicated graphics cards to uphold the graphical requirements for a 3D display. That would lead to one or more of the following issues: 1) more heating issues from the larger battery and the inclusion of a graphics card, 2) increased noise and weight from more fans, 3) decreased battery life, 4) either pricing shoots past the $1,500 mark or the overall quality of the ultrabook would be extremely poor due to budget restrictions to keep the ultrabook under a certain cap.

Additionally, who actually thinks Windows 8 is useful? Playing the devil's advocate, the only argument I can come up for Windows 8 is the seamless integration between your phone, tablet, xbox, and laptop, but that would require you to have a windows phone, a windows tablet, AND an xbox to maximize window 8's usefulness.

All I freaking want is an ultrabook that has a good display (either 1400x900 or 1080p), at least 128gb SSD-only hard drive, two usb 3.0 slots, one hdmi slot, bluetooth/wifi, 4+ gb of RAM (preferably 1600mhz), at LEAST 5 hours of battery life, and under $1,500. You know my only option? Apple. I've never had an Apple computer but they sure seem tempting when everyone else is coming out with gimicks like this.



Nothing sounds "ultra" about your "ultrabook"... Sounds like a budget laptop to me.

1600 Mhz RAM?! We're getting ready to break into DDR4 and you're content with something that is supposed to be "ultra" sporting mid-range DDR3-clocked RAM?

Also, 1400*900 isn't a "good" display. The only time 1400*900 is a "good" display when, after being forced to use a display at such a pathetically low resolution for a long time, you manage to convince yourself that it is good to try and reduce the brutality.



The term "ultrabook" has a defined definition imposed by Intel, the one who coined the term. Look it up and don't be one of those guys who think that Ultrabooks are supposed to be some kind of superpowered laptop.



touchscreens-eww. Yuck
3d-pretty useless

HD screens-YES. We needed these last year.
1366x768 screens have been standard on 14'' and 15'' laptops for way to long, and they look like crap.



Why do you need 1080p on a 13.3 inch screen? I have a zenbook Ultra book, I bought it at a office max closing for 600, and its the best everyday laptop I've owned, 3D and touch screen are stupid, there is a reason why 3d hasn't caught on and who needs smudges es all over the screen.



Huh. So Intel wants higher resolution displays, better chassis construction, longer battery life, and solid state storage as the primary storage medium.

Why don't they just say "Do what Apple's doing"? It's a lot less typing. At least some notebook vendors-- notably Samsung-- have figured this out on their own already.



As much as I hate to say this... go Intel!
Granted I don't find Ultra-blech to be a good product, but hopefully it will push everyone to using 1080p on 15" and up (since it should become standard in the 14" and down). It's sad when a "Media" laptop with a BLU RAY drive doesn't even have a 1080p screen.

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