Intel Pricing Policy Penalizes the ION Platform



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Sounds like intel has been taking lessons from Micro$oft



What's been up with intel lately, they just can't seem to get along with anyone.  Someone needs to set them straight and tell them to play nice with the other kids, cause I really want to see some decently priced ion netbooks.  Let Nvidia do their own chipsets, core i7 included.



imagine how amazing our hardware could be if companies actually cooperated for the good of the hardware, instead of the bottom dollar. imagine if intel said, "nvidia's solution in this case is much better than ours, lets go with that and start working on the next great thing" instead of saying, "ok, nvidia is showing some signs of life, how can we crush their business asparations through any means, legal or otherwise... once they are dead, we can recoup our "losses" by charging more and waiting longer between product cycles, muahahaha!"

i miss the day when companies strived to be honorable and showed appreciation for both their customers and employees.


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