Intel Preps Second Generation Core CPUs



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Intel has rarely let down its consumers by failing to produce cutting edge technology but they have failed us when it comes to price point. Just about every 8 months they drop another cpu core on the market making the previous build obselete and forcing those who want serious upgrades to fork over thousands in cash to stay up to day. I personally have been and will always be an AMD fanboy because of the price point they have in mind when creating their chip architectures. They seem to be more concerned with enhancing their product without bankrupting end users. I can only hope that one day in the near future Intel will adopt a trade up program like BFG Tech did where after purchasing their hardware they allow you to trade up later on for a nominal price. Intel, show some loyalty to the people who support and love the work you do. Don't rip us off! 



Intel is starting to remind me of car dealerships as of late. Annoying. Question though. Are they following the upgrade model that apple uses? I mean, they put out a new cpu then 8 months later put out another making your last purchase obsolete and a complete waste of money....ridiculous if you ask me. Just ask, and I will tell you!



Pretty much, yeah.



Sandy bridge should be renamed to the "Quad Squad"

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