Intel Preps New Six-Core Extreme Edition Chip for Q1 2011



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yo MaxPC typo

"32nm SandyBridge Architecture"

should be 22 as in twenty-two nanometers

the current Westmere architecture is (thirty-two) 32nm

I yal were trying to state that it will be 32 not 22 but oh well

the grammar I'm forced to endure because yal are the best computer magazine around (:



Well obviously someone out there is buying these chips, as Intel would not be making them if the chips weren't selling.  It's crazy that the hexacore market for Intel appears to be for elite enthuisiasts.  I consider myself to be an enthusiast, but 1K on a processor is even a little too steep for me.  The last hexacore chip that Intel released everyone thought would be around the $500 dollar range, but it is currently being sold for over $800.  While I would definitely like to throw a hexacore chip in my computer, I just can't justify the price. 



I don't mind spending $1,000 for a new processor in a new system but I can't justify 4 digit dollars for an upgrade or a rig that will contain budget components HOWEVER if I'm going to spend $1K it'll be on the 'real' top-of-the-line x86 processor;  Xeon X5650  . . . not a crippled gulftown

the best choice for overclocking economically & technologically speaking is the i5-655K



So big price for a det shet. The general may be as high price.This is no gold piece.It is nat normal that people give all last money for dat.



...that Intel has the market cornered on high performance CPU's and prices continue remain as high as they are.  A $300 version of this chip (hex core) would be at least palatable.  One of the main problems spending $1K (other than the obvious affordability) on a CPU is that within a few months when something newer comes out, the now older chip loses the bulk of its value.  The depreciation doesn't sting as much on a $300 chip, but it does a lot on a $1K chip.



the depreciation may sting a lot but performance of a well-planned high-dollar processor purchase will carry forever

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