Intel Preparing To Launch New ULV Core i3 & Core i5 Processors in June



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Where the *bleep* are the laptops with usb 3? It might even be ok to buy a desktop without usb 3 cause you can add a pci-e card. But do you want to be plugging in adapters to be able to use usb 3??? Come on intel, stop acting like a smuck



Ugghhh.  I hate anything mobile in general, but to give something more price than a netbook, and less power than a laptop just seems ridiculous.  Would rather spend the money and get a laptop instead, not that I want one.



How many series does Intel need? They can use the dual core Atoms (8W TDP-13W), SU series (10W), and a couple of the i5/7 UMs (18W) for that role. Some of the C2Ds are already 17W. What? Did they want to fill in that elusive 14-16W gap? Also, wasn't Intel supposed to be releasing Atom 5xx dual core chips around the same time?

I do hope that they keep the integrated HD accelerator on these new chips at least


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I hope they Dell will have these as an option for their M11x

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