Intel Plans on Releasing Higher Clocked Core i3 Chip



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I don't think that clock speed is the biggest factor anymore. While it would be nice to get a factory 3GHz clock (well know some of these chips can even go on air for 4GHz), I think I'll rather have more cores with Hyperthreading, Turbo Boost, and QPI for a more effcient workflow. Even me, a huge multitasker, music producer,engineer, and dabbling now with pro video apps, I really don't have a huge need for a 3GHz clock. I would rather upgrade my Core 2 Quad 6700 to a spanking new Core i7 or a Nehalem dual quad core CPU Xeon setup, and have my boot drive and music sample drive on SSD's. 


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This is most likely a silly question but I've always wanted to know this; Why can't chip manufacturers break the 3.0GHz threshold?



The 3GHz thresh hold was broke in 2002 by Intel they don't have a problem breaking it anymore.  As to the reasons why they don't put out chips that are 3+ who knows.  Could be heat issues or maybe there is more being put off to the GPU and the CPU doesn't necessarily have to be up that high. 

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