Intel Plans on Delivering New Atom Chip in September



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Intel made a good call by waiting for native quad core until they had the manufacturing process to support it.

The handicap with Phenom isn't the native quad core design, it's the fact that its all crammed on such a big die due to 65nm.  This has caused AMD grief with yields and chip speeds.  Nvidia has a more powerful design than ATI's 4870 with the GTX 280, but the easy route to increasing performance by making a bigger chip has diminishing returns when power consumption and manufacturing yields are dismal.


Talcum X

 Doesnt this contradict the statement from the intro of the quad core from 2 sandwitched dual cores for better yeilds?  I realize a singe die has better communications.  Yet another path AMD took first that Intel descides its also a good idea, not that the 2 dual cores put together for their quads hasnt been successfull, but the reasoning still stands, doesnt it?  I guess with the new architecture, there isnt a choice but to do it this way?


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