Intel Plans to Build $5 Billion Facility in Arizona



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If Zazubovich had any clue as to what was really going on down here in Arizona, he'd shut his fucking gob.

Chandler, by the way, has a large Indian population (the sub-continent ones, in addition to the Natives). There are dark-complected people of many types here. None have any more problem than the light-complected people in living the kind of life Kalifornia used to provide (I should know, as a Southern California native and 6-year Arizona transplant). We do have problems with illegal aliens and the drug trade spilling across the border, zapping our budget like many other states. In a state with 6 million or so residents, 10% are estimated to be illegal, even after SB1070 'heartlessly' drove many to migrate elsewhere.

Sherriff Joe (and the young upstart Massachusetts transplant Paul Babieu, of my county) may seem to be a character, and he is, but the tough talk, as well as the direct action, resonate here in Goldwater country. Arizona has a large working class population, many in the construction industry, and they are simply tired of illegals taking their jobs. That's why we enacted laws like ending in-state tuition to illegals, eVerify, SB1070, etc. We want it to be inhospitable to illegal aliens, whether they are from Mexico, China or Ireland. But that doesn't mean we are anti-immigrant. or xenophobic.

The large Native American population in Arizona is predominantly Spanish-speaking, along with Native languages. And in addition to the Indian (subcontinent) population, there are large numbers of Vietnamese, Samoan and various African peoples (and many Muslims). We also welcome huge numbers of Canadians during the Winter months.

And Jan Brewer, who may be a bit out of her depth, but is nevertheless a nice lady and far more concerned about Arizona than our previous governor, Crappy Nappy (now Secratary of DHS), is trying to keep us from going bankrupt like Kalifornia, by cutting back aross the board, including budget line items like transplants for indigent patients, that were largely extended without concern for budgetary impact in the first place.

So you can label us as a bunch of neo-con jack-booted racist thugs if you want, but you're talking out of your ass, Mr. Clueless.

As for Intel, the new investment continues the cutting edge technology that is increasingly found in the Chandler-Tempe corridor and less so in Silicon Valley. Why? Because we also have a highly educated and technologically savvy workforce, because we have a low-cost high standard of living, relatively inexpensive utility rates with a nuclear reactor and several solar plants just now beginning construction, lots and lots of open available land, and relatively little government interference.

Oh, and by the way, earthquakes are bad for Fabs. As not only Intel, but Motorola, Freescale, On Semi, Microchip and many other high tech companies have realized. Despite the requirement that new residents must read Ayn Rand and have a picture of Ronald Reagan in their wallet.



If the engineers are dark complected, they may be shot by Shawna Forde wannabees or arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  If they are centrist Democrats, they could be shot by deranged loners.  If they get sick and lose their insurance, Jan Brewer will let them die to save money.  If they go to Wal Mart, the employees will be trampled by elderly people in electric scooters.  California already owns their water.


Why would anybody sane put anything they valued in Arizona?




Obviously, California is not as business friendly as Arizona. Any big business in California will almost always have a poisonous union, be taxed at California's ridiculous rates, etc...

Arizona is moving in the "right" direction while California will get "left" behind, unless California walks the talk of getting rid of some social services that its residents feel entitled to. I live in California and I see this first hand. Fortunately, the company I work at does not have a union, and our company has not even been dented by the recession.




Doesn't it take dozens of gallons of water to help make one chip?

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