Intel Plans to Axe Core 2 Quad Q6600 in First Quarter of 2009



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Come on we realy need a a p55 type board for us who dont want to brake the bamk with core i7!



The only thing that I want is a cheap i7 core, the base version of the triplet. Then motherboards and ram to get a little down in a respectable price range.


Keith E. Whisman

You realize that Intel knows that there is a market for a full featured cheap quad core cpu with all the stuffing. So I imagine that Intel will quickly lower the price of their $300dollar CI7 Quad CPU to satisfy that market and what a replacement. The Q9300 just never really turned me on because it wasn't a fully featured CPU it was cut back and had less cache and fewer extras. 

I'm sure Intel knows and hears your crys and will satisfy your demands. Intel does not want you to turn to AMD for your CPU needs.

 So just wait and that price will drop. 



run great for over a year now. Core i7 is tempting, but the resource monitor on my keyboard shows pretty clearly that I’m far from being CPU bound in 99% of my applications.
Even at it's current price, it's an excellent deal.



this seems like a horrible business plan, now amd will be the only place to get reasonably priced cpu's for those who aren't building a power-pc

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