Intel, Nokia Forge Alliance to Develop New Class of Mobile Computing Devices



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I don't think they care that much about the software. They just want to compete with ARM in the mobile device market. And if that means partnering with any software company then they'll do it.



I think your right jedi. Now that mobile devices are getting more advanced, intel is starting to see the $ it stands to make. A few years ago, I read an article in where Intel stated that the mobile market was better left to ARM because at that time, intel hardware used too much power and wasn't feasable. Now the tables have turned with the additions of atom and nvidia's new tegra platform. I'm sure this is more of a......hey nvidia.....we're going to smack you in this market too!! type of thing but it seems to me Intel wants to be in more than inside your PC. They want the monopoly in anything that requires a processor and should be stopped for anti-competitive practices. Pretty soon, products are going to have a sticker on it saying..........made in china, by intel. I'm not affraid to say it....I HATE INTEL! with a passion. I needed an ultra portable netbook and unfortunatley it hasĀ an atom proc because AMD hasn't yet entered the market. I removed the atom inside sticker....anyone want it?


I Jedi

I'm confused here... Intel is in the Open Handset Alliance for Android and they are also buddies with Microsoft, who happens to sell mobile OS software... Wouldn't this, in a way, be anti-competitive for Open Handset Alliance? After all, Intel is part of that community and now they're teaming up with Nokia to make their own stuff together.

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