Intel, MasterCard Bringing Mobile Payments To Online Shopping



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Why would I need all this, I just have my credit card number memorized, it takes less time then to fumble around with an app, hold it over the icon and wait for it to do its thing.  In about 3 seconds I can type in the card number, the card code, and the experation.



You give your credit card information to other websites? Probably not a great idea! I used to do that until someone took my credit card information and went on a shopping spree! I currently use PayPal to make online transactions but am getting ready to make a switch pretty soon once Visa's new online transaction system, launches early next year. Hopefully it'll smash the crap out of PayPal... They've been running the show for far too long!



why? why do I need two pieces of hardware to complete a purchase?

I either need the laptop and the secure app/with hardware there

or I need the smartphone and webapp and security there

not both..


looks like a marketing scheme

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