Intel Mashes Wi-Fi And CPU Together, Working On Solar-Powered Chips



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cool idea.... but I dont see how it could work being that the chip is inside the computer/laptop where no light typically gets to (unless its custom built w/ a window and all those LEDs and such.

Unless they're thinking of using one of those light sensor things like you see on calculators, im curious to see what they come up with



so my kid's kids school calculator will have a solorpanel like skin, be the size of an Ipad, handle more instructions per second then my sandybridge, have better graphics then a 580, probably generate power from WIFI while using it, have a 30mp camera, if dropped will be so light it glides like a paper plane to the ground, be made something stronger then carbon fiber (nanotubes), and have more storage then all of the world's books combined.

Sound about right?



cool concept.
Hey with digital signal in the 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz and 60ghz spectra, will we be able so squeeze more info in? better channel management? THE POTENTIAL! yay tech!

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