Intel Manager: The Mouse is Dead



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Bob's brain is as small as the Atom processor



but anyway nope mice will not die



More asinine comments from intel. The should just shaddup already and focus on what their good at and let peripheral innovators worry about what's out of date. I don't want to jump around like a friggin monkey to shut down my computer.



This guy was probably drunk or took a blunt before the show.



"There's weren't many, if any, mouses on display."




There weren't any mice at CES because Duffy is correct, CES is about the latest and greatest technology.  How do you improve a mouse past the R.A.T. 9 (or whatever the latest model is)?  It would be extremely hard, nigh impossible, to do with today's technology.


Bob Duffy

Thanks Paul for picking up my post.  I'm happy to see all the mouse love.  Means the PC is still hot despite a lot of chatter during CES.  My post "Death of the Mouse?" was a question, not a statement. Paul, very clever to change your post to a statement.  

Because I work with software developers, reconsidering the mouse is a valid question to my audience. Too many software titles I test fail to support touch, which is now being integrated into netbooks, laptops & desktop screens.  Most commonly, click events fail because they recall the last XY position, assuming synchronous coordinates, which we no longer have with touch interfaces.  So we need to reconsider techniques entrenched in devices that may no longer be standards.

However points taken, and a great discussion. I love seeing all this passion for the mouse.  Personally I like many input devices. I like touch as an option not a primary.  For generally computing I prefer a track pad, and for precision I use my Wacom Bamboo. I am relatively mouse free.



Thanks for adding more insight to your position bob. I do agree that the industry does need more interoperability between input devices. I think we are slowly moving in the right direction and tablets may just be the catalyst to make it happen. As for the death of the mouse, until another precision pointing method comes along that is viable I just don't see the mouse disappearing from the desktops of designers and gamers. Yes, there are alternatives like controllers and touch interfaces, but they lack the precision that you get from a high quality mouse.

So, while casual and even business users may start to look elsewhere for input devices, its easy to overlook the true audience for aftermarket peripherals. Casual users are happy with whatever comes in the box, but its the power users that seek out and spend money on peripherals.



Yet another person calling for the death of something. Wow you are so smart "mouse is dead" guy! I've never heard that before. You are just so smart.



well the show is for the latest and gratis and not for last years tech

and the mouse has been so well refined that you can buy one that fits your need's all ready and dare i say that the perfect mouse for your needs all ready exist

so why would some one show off last years stuff at a show for all the new tech is why is suspect that there was not many there but you go to Quakecon and check out all the new stuff and i bet you will find many of mouse there

i love my G5 on my gaming rig and i use a G3 on my mac mini with the mac keybord and love it

and will buy the same when thay are worn out



There's someone to add to the ignore list of life.



Given the amount of times I've tried a new imput device only to have it fail in countless ways, I think this is just an attention grabbing comment. Certainly seems to have worked.



i think the mouse is still pretty young and will live for along time.


Ashton2091, i had a huge comment for this one...but i'll just leave it at this. seriously dude? the mouse is dead? this reminds me of when prince said the internet was just a fad.



The Mouse Is probably the most efficient input device out there.

I don't think The Mouse is going anywhere soon.

Oh... and one of the most flaunted features of UEFI is wait for it................ Mouse Support!



I did not see new types of printer paper either so paper for printers is dead, how about new knobs for volume controlls, no? OK, no more volume controls for your audio, Oh, not many new usb cables on display so USB is dead?!? As a matter of fact, there was no  newtoilet paper being shown so....What nonsense. The fact is that there are so many mice, so many different configurations that this is a mature technology, one that does what it need do with very few of us looking to upgrade to a more advanced mouse.



Bob is just a stupid ass that sees himself as some sort of omnicient prognosticator.

There were likely a good number of desktop PCs set up to showcase either motherboards, cooling systems, cool flourescent lighting, games, etc.  I wonder what type of pointing devices were connected to these PCs. Hmmmm.  Maybe some used trackballs due to tight space.  It's safe to say that there were mice at CES.  They just weren't being showcased.



The mouse won't be dead anytime soon, not until their replacements are more cost effective and "worth it". Like the article said, PC gaming along should sustain the mouse for years (and years and years) to come. 

One possible alternative to the mouse for the work environment I can see is touch screen, and by no means am I rooting for touch screen, I actually hate it. I still have only a T-mobile G-1 phone, using a slide out keyboard.  The reason I say that touch screen may replace the mouse is if you imagine the screen instead of standing up on a mount, but laying down on your desk, angled somehow to fit your view, then working with your hands may be a lot more accurate and coordinated, especially since you can use two hands (eight digits and two thumbs) whilst the mouse has only one pointer.  If they improve touch screen technology to the point where we can 1) manipulate very small things such as erasing a couple of pixels on photo shop and 2) make it cheap enough and standard enough to entice consumers to utilize it on a regular basis. The mouse will never truly die as long as we have FPS on the computer however.



The only way you are going to get my mouse is pry it from my cold dead fingers!





The mouse will be here to stay for a long time as long as people are gaming and doing productive work such as: Excel, working in databases, Photoshop, CAD, etc. It's probably not at the CES because I guess there's not much innovation in mouse's left. There's only so much you can do to a mouse. The latest innovation that I can recall is Logitech's Darkfield Laser technology - and even that isn't necessary as how many people actually plan on using their mouse on a glass surface? I bought one a year ago and it's still unopened in its package as I'm still content with my regular Laser mouse.



In a work environment, I cannot fathom/envision the idea of not using a mouse. How are we supposed to navigate Excel, Word, etc? At work, I'm 95% sure that when we're at our desk, 75% of the time, our right hand is on the mouse.



I took the news literally and ripped out the mouse and now I have to resort to key shortcuts. I damn near dislocated my fingers for some key combos. The good thing is I get to suit Bob Duffy the Mouse Slayer for one million dollars and a life time of therapy.

Further news, the car is dead so we don't have to use them. Stay home from work. The iPhone is dead by 2020, so please send me all your money Forbes for that prediction. But what ever happened to the bloody jet packs?



I get the point that there are controllers out there you can use as an alternative to the keyboard and mouse but they're at least $50-60 (plus the cost of any extra batteries and the chargers).  For the cost of a controller, I could get a keyboard (and probably a mouse as well) that would still be good for gaming.  As for using a touchpad, forget it.  My dad and I tried using the touchpad and it's a pain in the ass.  Half of the time, it didn't register the movement and I think I almost had carpal tunnel trying to use the damn thing.



That is enough to ensure the mouse stays around for a long time to come.

Not to downgrade the importance of enterprise computing and the such, but in the early days of computing, one of the biggest things that drove innovation in computer technology was and is the constant need of the hardcore gamers to have better performing and better looking games with lots and lots of new features.  With that said, you're never going to get a hardcore FPS player to use anything other than a mouse since there is nothing else that can give you the level of precision a mouse can.

I'm sure one day something will come along that is so awesome, and cool, and hi-tech, and with better precision than a mouse that everyone will switch to.  But there is just nothing on the market or in development, as far as we can tell, right now that stands to put the Mouse in any kind of a grave.



I just read the entire blog post.  I've eaten alphabet soup and crapped better material.

Everybody who works at a Fortune 500 tech company, from the janitors to the designers and engineers, thinks they're a regular Nostradamus when it comes to things like this.


Mighty BOB!

That's a pretty foolish thing for him to say.  This is the year of the tablet and the smartphone at CES.  There may be mice next time, but there weren't a whole lot of developments in the mouse world that would warrant a bunch of them there this year.

As others have said, nothing beats a mouse for precision.  It isn't going away any time soon.  The only thing that will replace it is a direct neural interface.

Also great graphic.



PR people like Bob Duffy, put out these crazy statements every day. So that they can justify their jobs. Next week he will say the gas engine will be gone from cars in 2 years because we will all be using electric.  



No, I don't think so. Not for awhile at least. In some instances as voice recognition gets better, and handwriting recognition improves, you won't need the mouse as much. But it's going to be awhile before it actually becomes irrelevant. 



Bob Duffy is an idiot.  I'd imagine that there weren't a whole bunch of new keyboards being showcased at CES either.  Does that mean that their days are numbered?  Short of novelty keyboards like the Optimus Maximus and other unusual approaches to ergonomics, there's not a whole lot of room for improvement on keyboards.

You don't see a whole lot of new oscilliscopes at electronic shows or new philips screwdrivers (or hammers) at tool shows.  Are these going to disappear soon since they are no longer being innovated?

The bottom line is this:  a computer needs some sort of input device to control the pointer.  For this, you could use a mouse, a trackball, a trackpad, stick, or a touchscreen (with or without a stylus).  Beyond that there are fringe technologies like iris detection but not much else.  Its ludicrous to think that trackpads, trackballs, and touchscreens are going to supplant mice.  It's all a matter of personal preference.

Bob Duffy is a nincompoop making a lame statement that he supports with ridiculous logic. 



Maybe it wasn't there because its perfect? It's hard to improve on a mouse. It does what is needed and it does it well.  So why would you see new ones on display at CES?

Office environments and any PC user depend on them. Touchscreens while a nice novelty but are a long way off from being efficent/productive. No the mouse isn't going anywhere anytime soon.



Does it seem, to any of you, that the whole world likes things that are AWFUL?  Everyone loves touch screens and game controllers?  People are heralding the death of tactile buttons and computer mice?

I thank God that one day I’ll be f-cking dead.  In heaven, there are no touch-screen keyboards and Steve Jobs won’t be there either because he’s a Buddhist.



I thought that he wouldn't be there because he's a devil.

(Yes, I'm a member of the Kissmyassarati)


MdX MaxX

I don't care what anyone says.  Touchscreens may be cool, but NOTHING beats a mouse and keyboard.  Nothing is more efficient and more practical.



I can foresee the mouse finding itself in the dustbin of history, but as for right now, all I want to know is where I can get that bone mouse?



The mouse is here to stay, like rock and roll, look at the amount of people that lug along a miniature laptopmouse, touchpad is just to akward for a lot of jobs, let alone gaming. If the industry should ever dicide to omitt the mouse , I will stock enough of them to last me to the grave. I agree with the previous commenter. The mouse is nearly perfected and so there is no place for it on CES , you probably don't see keyboards either



have you ever tried to use a touch pad for more then 2 hours? It kills your tendons, not to mention it's impossible to get the precise accuracy of a mouse for gaming with any other peripheral including controllers (and that's coming from an ex console gamer.)

The mouse is no where near death. touch screens are a PC fad.

They only belong on tablets and M$ surface.



the mouse has been developed to near perfection.  No need to trot out a new version, when most designs work great for the function they provide.



That ^ basically sums it up.

The only way I would ever give up my mouse is if I could get something like minority report.



A mouse translates small movements of the wrist into big movements of an on-screen pointer. So its a lot better than minority report/kinect. You'll get tired waving your arms around with kinect.



Kniect is the first step to that!

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