Intel Maintains Massive x86 Market Share Lead



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I wonder what the other .8% of the market is doing. Are folks out there still rocking Cyrix chips?



AMD badly needs to get its crap together. From the original slot Athlon until the first multi cores came out they were killing Intel in price and were at least competitive or even superior in performance at times. In the last 3-4 years or so they have been playing keep up with Intel on performance and honestly their prices aren't even much better except on the ultra low end.

AMD used to be inovative. They were the first to optimize on performance and put out superior chips even at lower clock speeds, while Intel was playing the "up the clockspeed at all cost" "pissing contest". (Remember when an Athlon 64 would totally kill a P4 at like a third less clockspeed and were even cheaper? Or how people were going out and buying different mobos and ram just to run the original slot Athlons because they kicked so much ass?)


At least they are pretty much keeping up with Nvidia on the vid card front. I admit I'm an NV fan, but they are doing a killer job right now on that end.

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