Intel Lists New Low-Cost Processors



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Keith E. Whisman

I'm saving my pennies for that 2.83ghz Core 2 Quad Fry's is selling for $279bucks. It's a Penryn and has 12megs of cache. I think it's the 9450 or something like that. I'm getting it. I wonder if it's coming down in price any further?

I'm playing with an E8400 Dual core now and that quad will be nice.

Price cuts always turn me on. I'll be playing with the generation that comes after Nahalem like alot of other people.  


Pentium 0

I thaught the E5200 was supposed to be a Pentium Dual Core to replace the current ones. Either way it gonna be a killer overclocker with that 12.5x multiplyer.

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