Intel Launches SandForce Driven Solid State Drive 520 Series



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SUCH GORGEOUS PRICES SINCE I LAST CHECKED!!!!!!!! With SSD the only thing making your boot-up slow is your bios loading. correct?



Sounds like a monopoly is brewing. LSI better watch how much market share it takes.


Keith E. Whisman

Whatever became of the troll that screamed bloody murder about SSD's being no faster than HDD's in Windows 7 and can only truely be tested in Windows XP or 98, you know the OSes that weren't build with any kind of SSD support.

Nice to see Intel is pulling out all the stops to make a top notch product at the expense of a little pride. They had to swallow their pride to go with a sandforce controller and I'm glad they did because now there is a better chance for the market to get flooded with drives that share roughly the same specs and performance that if produced in a large enough number, should drive down prices and hopefully drive capacity higher.



Except sandforce has serious flaws and the numbers are inflated due to the compression that doesn't apply to all data. Intel actually used a control that got the advertised speeds all the time, and had the best garbage collection in the business. Less competition is a very very bad thing, if everyone uses the same controller there eventually becomes no advancement or mediocre advancement (see GPUs when nVidia dominated). And just because they use the same controller does not mean that the performance is the same. The cheaper sandforce drives like the Agility 3 often use Asynchronous NAND chips that perform significantly worse than advertised in real world use. More people using sandforce is a very bad thing, I'm glad that Samsung is still making their own and Crucial is using the Marvell one.

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