Intel to Launch First Core i7 Chips on November 17



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Does anyone actually know how much this puppy is going to cost?  and will the core 2 extremes come down 2?  Tell me!



I don't know about u guys, but I have a hard time throwing away my current penryn quad for an architecture change.  I know its a big one and all, and the performance on the new chips is great, but I think I'll wait for an 8 core processor, and see which motherboard is the best once all the reviews come out.  Anyone know when 8 cores will be available?  (i heard sometime next summer...?)



Wiating for Hydra to show first.


Nick Burns

I have the means to build my own Falcon Northwest Mach V or YoYotech Fi7epower MLK1610!

This is why I asked about a CrossFire Palit Revolution 700 setup.


Talcum X

 She is running an aging 1.2Ghz AMD rig from Gateway.  We will see if we are in a position after tax time to build her a budget system, either current Dual or Quad core.  She doesnt game like I do and just mostly surfs the web.  Sad part is, this new system will probably be better than what I'm running now.  But I only play UT2K4 and UT3 for the most part and dont have time for anything else.  So unless something dies, I doublt I will upgrade untill 2010 or so.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



Following a series of unmitigated financial disasters on my end, it appears that I'll barely be able to put together a low-end rig at this point, despite what I want.

Currently, the only solution I have is whoring my body to old ladies for quarters, and hopefully I will have enough money by Easter to afford a Q6600.  Of course, if I could find something of value to sell...


Lord Omega

My new build will be an AMD computer, but if the prices drop like they said they would, I am probably going to go for an Intel build



Quoted from here:

I've also got these for you .. the Core i7 920 will cost 284 USD, the
Core i7 940 562 USD and the Core i7 965 which is an Extreme edition
BTW, will cost 999 USD. These are prices per 1000 sold processors. "

These are the prices that I've seen mainly around the web. TomsHardware among other sites had a really good review.



Or probably from this same site.



Any word on Pricing on the core i7 yet?



integrated graphics on the die... sounds like Intel is taking another page from AMD's playbook



I know what I want for Christmas, but wont get. T_T

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