Intel Jumps on Low-Cost SSD Bandwagon



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Guys, I think you misread the purpose of this drive... It's not for a power user to work off of, look at the slow (for an SSD) write speed, regardless of capacity that's not what it's built for. It's a boot drive, pure and simple.


It's not going to do much else, and it's not going to store all of your "internet downloads of an entirely mature and civilized nature that wouldn't be offensive in the least to anyone of the female persuasion in your life..."


Hmmm... Would have been easier to just say porn, but it's funnier that way :D



Not even big enough for a Photoshop scratch drive.  Going to have to do better than this to get me to bite but I like the idea that the technology is getting cheaper.



Yeah, now slap 2 x that flash for the same price and my wallet is all yours, Intel.



I think we need a minimum of 80GB as the low-cost SSD solution. Good for the O/S and key applications that can benefit from the speed boost.

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