Intel Ivy Bridge-E Processors to Support LGA 2011, Shipping in Q4 2012



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This would be such better news if there were some indication of an update to the X79 chipset next year. I hope Intel isn't considering keeping X79 for the next 3 years as their one-and-only "enthusiast" platform, the way X58 was. X58 will go down in history as one of the best platforms Intel has ever produced. But X79 is basically the year-old P67 chipset made for a new socket. Can you imagine an "enthusiast-class" platform set in stone for the next 2 or 3 years with only 2 native SATA III ports and no USB 3.0?

Here's hoping for something like an "X79-A" chipset refresh to keep their top-end platform at least as feature-current as AMD... :p



this kinda screws things for me as the only reason i stuck it out with amd since the socket am2 days is because they were very forward/backward compatible and intel was not. now intel is selling at a better bargain with the 2500k and ivy bridge will also be released for the lga 1155. What's with the sudden shift with intel... now i wish i wouldnt have gotten a am3+ motherboard and had waited for LGA 2011.



Finally Intel is doing at least something right with Socket 2011 (I hope). Especially since I will be building a new rig with this new socket. Please Intel, no more new sockets. 

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