Intel: Haswell Will Deliver 50 Percent More Battery Life in Laptops



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John Pombrio

CRAP! The Haswell i7-4770K o/c's about the same or LESS than Ivy Bridge and its a hot chip even BEFORE o/c on the desktop! I had such high hopes too. No upgrade for me.



Sorry, I'm in the "believe it when I see the real world testing benchmarks" camp for this. I can't see how an improvement of 50% on battery life can be claimed, considering some of the most power hungry items in a laptop won't be any different (like the screen). Unless, of course, they are being creative with their numbers, and actually counting sleep time as part of the equation... I don't care about how long it can sleep, I care about how long I can use the computer for my normal work tasks before I'm scrambling to find a power outlet.

Honestly, I'm a little dumbfounded at how many tech sites are throwing around Intel's battery improvement claims as fact. Not a "might improve" or "up to" figures, but a firm "will" in the statement. Even though many of the more reputable sites (like this one) are prefacing the statement to show it came from Intel, it's probably not wise to appear to be guaranteeing something Intel is spouting to drum up interest and nobody can actually prove yet. Just a thought.

But hey, if it turns out to be true, and they can throw 50% more battery life my way, prepare to take my money!



Wait... The laptop will be 50 percent more efficient, or the chip itself will be? Forgive my synicalisim, but I've been burned before, literally (netbust), I feel more like this is an attempt to derail AMD's latest announcements with their Kaveri ULV and tablet-oriented parts.



There's the rub, the CPU will be more efficient, but this begs the question, what percentage of power usage of a laptop is the CPU as opposed to everything else?



I know for a fact that the screen is the biggest in mobile devices...



Surface Pro with Haswell, please.....




Now, give me a hybrid tablet/ultrabook with that cpu inside...and make the price affordable...and I'll be happy.



+1 I have been waiting for a while to get a ultra book.

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