Intel Gains Graphics Market Share at the Expense of AMD, Nvidia



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I expect this has more weight in the laptops/ultrabooks sector, where you seriously can't expect desktop level gaming performance on something you'd actually want to lug around and use on your lap.

And most cheap(er) laptops only ship with Intel's graphics.



I am running the fastest iGPU in existence available for any laptop today, an AMD A10, and I can tell you that no, it is not "fast enough"...



Well, can it play angry birds? If so its good enough for the mass population. Most people want a graphics card just good enough to output to their tv at 1080p with reasonable frame rates. I haven't tried it but i bet angry birds in space is awesome on a big screen! I always thought that graphics card makers always made their money mostly in the med to high end enthusiast market. I see the new APU's as just a replacement for the bad intel graphics that used to reside on the motherboard.



Does anyone have corresponding revenue numbers? They may be shipping 15% fewer units, but between the die shrink and increased MSRP, I can't imagine that the bottom line has really changed so much.



He nailed it. Our government geniuses muddling everything up and the arrival of integrated graphics created the perfect storm for graphics card designers…and everything else. Nobody can react fast enough and nobody can see the future. What to do? Except dance to the government agenda. What a terrible turn of events. Who works for whom?



Whoa Dude?!?
Maybe your point is about the 08 bank crash, and how a weak economy is effecting PC sales as whole, and discrete cards in general?
Or maybe you've been hanging out in /r/conspiracy a bit too much?

Personally I'm not overly surprised that iGPUs are accounting for a greater share of the market place. They've always have been the biggest percentage anyway. Currently there's no need for discrete unless your a gamer/video editor for the most part.



what brand of foil do you use?



Foil made out of 24k gold.



Government agenda? What the heck are you talking about?



It’s a euphemism for clueless politicians trying to fix a mess that they created in the first place.

Should have been clearer, sorry. I won’t mix politics in a PC forum again, my apologies.

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