Intel Gains 10% Graphics Market Share While AMD and Nvidia Falter



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I still have my Voodoo 5500 AGP card stored away for memory sake.  It was my first video card that I ever bought then the company went belly up after that.

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Who does all this number crunching? Winnie the poo?? I am an amd/ati fanoi and proudley admit it but intel sticks in everyones heads cause they advertise. AMD/ATI, come on step up, be a chip, and advertise so the disdained retired walmart door greeter will know who you are!!


Don't like it? Piss off!




Few reasons I suspect:

 1) Economy is slowing down, people don't have the money for another GPU. So they choose 'all-in-one' solution.

 2) Intel's Marketing has done a hell of a job bombarding general mass with their ad.



Let's not forget that many notebooks out there today use Intel's Centrino platform, and a lot of NVidia's and AMD's video chipsets consume more battery power than Intel's admittedly weak (by comparison, anyway) video chipsets.

Many businesses don't care about graphics processing abilities for their mobile travellars.  They care about lower cost and longer battery life. 

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That is bs. What 10% of the average consumer pc's that probably dont have a PCI-E slot and for budgeted laptops too LOL. I still can't forget when intel was saying that Larabee will replace your dedicated graphics cards LOL!. Face it intel when it comes to graphics you have lost!. Just stick to what you do best. I can't stand the integrated intel crappy graphics chips. They Plain SUCK



This is DISGUSTING. Why the HELL does Intel keep gaining share when their GPU products (GMA 950, X3100, X4500) are so pathetically underpowered they should only be offered on mobile phones? Because people don't want to pay for a dedicated GPU! And they buy Intel processors in Intel chipsets with Intel Integrated Shit. 

Nvidia integrated graphics work pretty decently above anything from Intel, and the not-even-that-recent HD3200 integrated graphics in the AMD 780G chipset DESTROYS EVERYTHING INTEL HAS. It performs TWICE as fast as the X4500. Intel won't be able to catch up for AT LEAST a full year. Kinda backwards considering the CPU situation, eh?

TWICE. AS. FAST. 200% Faster. Why don't OEMs give a shit? Because they want to sell Intel processors. You can't sell your Intel processors in an AMD motherboard and IGP. That would be the ideal situation, though. 

Actually, AMD has done some good in the mobile market (and in the desktop IGP market, frankly). PUMA was recently released, offering the HD3200 to mobile users, along with decent WIFI capabilities, and a competitive CPU (if not as fast as an Intel Penryn). You know what? I have only seen ONE major consumer OEM offer a PUMA laptop. HP. DV5z. That's it. 

I don't know who needs to get their ass in gear, but PUMA laptops and 780G chipsets need to be pushed so hard it isn't even funny. WHERE IS THE MARKETING? Oh right...AMD has virtually no cash right now. So can you blame them? I don't know, it just seems that when the best integrated graphics ever released have been sitting and constantly substituted for year-old, digustingly inferior IGPs, you sort of lose your faith in the intelligence of the average consumer. AMD needs to throw some marketing muscle into BestBuy and Walmart. Every one of the laptops in those stores could be taken from decent CPU, Shit-filled GPU to a decent CPU, decent GPU (gaming capable) with just a little bit of advertising. 





Intel chips are cheap for laptop mobo manufacturers to insert, and most people don't even know what a videocard is. Okay so the consumer goes down to the store to buy a laptop, and finally decides the one that's on sale for 350.00 is great. Then that same sucker buys fallout Three New Las Vegas.... WTF! they cry as their new 350.00 laptop, equiped with an intel processor cannot run the game. Common lets get real, The majority of people out their don't even know what a videocard is; I know, it sounds crazy, but its true. I stood in the store looking at videocards and listened to people say, "you have to have someone install it." Yes, I stood thier shocked, mouth open, and totally floored that these people had know idea what they were looking at and for that matter, thought, you need to hire a technitian to install it. The truth is intel pumps out cheap lowly chips that don't cost a thing to manufacture; as long as consumers are ignorant to laptop specifications this will be the chip included in a lowcost laptop. low transister count no features in a videocard and an overpowered processor. I mean really, If you have an intel videocard what is the point in having an I3 processor? There is none, you might as well slap a 500 mhz processor in there because that will be fine for surfing the web and checking your email. I think I just solved the power consumption problem in the laptop market. That article has got to be one of the weakest I've read by maximum pc even next to the the preview of vista eons ago.



I know the article is old, it still pisses me off.

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