Intel Experimenting with Linking Mobile Devices' Screens



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Hey guys come here!...Let's watch the video we made sticking our fingers in our noses while we were up on that mountain! Hey dick, that's a good Idea!!! Howie! Dooem! Get over here! Let's place all 4 of our devices, the zune, ipod, and both cell's (cause 3 devices would just be stupid), on this table in a square! WOOHOO! We don't want to hold them up do we? Naaaa! our arms would get the table it is!!!

The only devices I could see this happening on is 4 identical phones (non-flip style) or 4 tablet PC's all with same hardware/software specs. Otherwise you'll run into one cell phone that's faster than the others but a terrible resolution, 2 of them with sluggish h.264 playback (or won't play it at all) and one with a really small screen. That wouldn't be for a great experience. I don't see this happening for any type of "on the road with friends" video watching bonanza anytime soon!



Don't underestimate ipod users ability for stupidity.

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