Intel Executive Thinks The Lines Between Human and Machine Will Blur by 2012



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Intel will use the robot pictured to destroy all of us humans



The funny thing is that they pay Justin Rattner an amazing amount of money. What would anyone think? In the future computers will get slower? Were running out of things to discover? Computers will get dumber? That people will be happy with todays games forever? That porn, movies, medicine, war, gaming, and anything that generates money wont drive technology to expand? Im sure it takes a CTO of intel to say ... what? that technology is getting better and will continue to do so in the future?

 Intel needs to fire him and hire me, i will accept 50% of whatever he makes and say the same captain obvious bullcrap he does.



Porn...with a matrix type interface..They already got those crazy body suits.



I'm scared of the future, god damn bell labs for ever inventing the transitor

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