Intel: Dual-Core Netbook Revolution Starts Now



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Granted, the 10" netbooks are barely more useful than similarly sized etch-a-sketches... I don't care how much battery life you get out of them. For anyone taller than 3'6" and with more than 3 fingers per hand the things are cramped and weak.

But wait! What's this, on the horizon? Asus EEE PC 1215... a 12" with dual core AND Optimus switching technology giving it HD capability (of limited value on a screen that size... but hello HDMI cable) AND battery sipping integrated graphics AND an 8 hour ~ battery life?

Oh yeah... and it could cost over 600 bucks? Ooops.

Bring me that netbook for 500 bucks and you can keep your tablets. THAT would be a good deal. (Though unlikely)

I'm waiting to see this thing when it comes out- hopefully Asus sees the end is nigh for netbooks and liquidates them all!



This is going to be a "too little, too late" scenario. By this time next year, I'd bet tablets will be selling like hotcakes while netbook sales start to slide. Netbooks are just a pain in the ass to use. Unless it's really just a price thing, a 10" netbook really isn't any more portable than a nice 14" notebook, and the notebook is actually a serviceable computer. Lets just take those nice dual core chips, throw them into some nice Android tablets, and call it a day.



Finally, there will be a revolution. Men and women with pitch forks storming the electronics stores damanding new under-powered components and setting fire to other under-powered components. It is going to be great. A whole new batch of inadequate premium junk to buy and dispose of. The sky is the limit. The future is bright.

I visited a cell phone store; they were selling a netbook with XP with a 2-year contract. A corporation taking advantage of a stupid consumer. I smiled and left while some idiot emptied his pocketbook. I had a similar laptop ten years ago (2000 for you without pocket calculators - a10.4-inch 2.9 lbs Sony laptop - apart from the wifi the netbooks have not come very far since then. Cell phones can do more things than netbooks, so netbook owners must be the segment of customers that cannot afford a real laptop or cell phone.

Recommendation: Always bring the bigger hammer to do the job! Leave the Swiss-Army knive toys for the kids.



cool story bro



Sigh... does anyone really care about "netbooks" anymore (and I put the term in quotes because a $500 laptop with a small screen and no optical drive =! a netbook.)



When's the Moorestown chips supposed to come out? I'm more interested in what those processors will do towards netbooks and such.

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