Intel to Drop Sandy Bridge CPU Prices



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Holly Golightly

Hmm, As much as 15%? That does not seem a lot to sway people to start buying more of these processors. The 2500K sells for $219.99 which may give it a new price as low as $186.99 before taxes. If I were in the market for a new processor, I would just wait for April to get the Ivy Bridge which it supposedly performs insanely at an insane price tag... But well worth it. They should have done the price cuts before the holiday shopping season. They would have sold quicker I am sure. Anyhow, I can find a better deal right now at MicroCenter, which is my favorite electronics retail store. As for UltraBooks, they are going to have to do better than $800... I think $500 has become the new mainstream price tag. Of course, $199.99 is the magic number. Anyhow, I hope the next generation of ultrabooks has a detachable keyboard and touch screen just like the Asus Transformer Prime. Gosh, imagine that beauty running Windows 8? Hopefully as consumers, we can see better deals coming up.



A $180 processor that smashes everything AMD has to offer? Yeah, I'm sure no one will buy that.

Ivy only offers about a 15% boost in CPU performance but since it's lower TDP it may overclock quite a bit bettre.

If retail on Intel chips goes down, MicroCenter goes down.

No one is talking about Ultrabooks, but since you are, I'll point out why you're wrong. Ultrabooks are not trying to sell. They are trying to fill the niche of expensive, lightweight, high-performing, porteables. And they're doing an awesome job of it at $800. If you go below that price range, things get bulky, slower, and heavier, and that isn't what the Ultrabook wants.


Holly Golightly

I am just saying when you consider the smaller discount on a Sandy Bridge compared to the performance on an Ivy Bridge, you just can't go wrong with waiting for the better chip that has a longer future ahead of itself. Most people who have the money, and prefer Intel already have the Sandy Bridge processors. For those who are upgrading from the Core 2 Quad or earlier might as well wait the extra 4 months to get the best performance and better overclockability. I mean, they have already waited long enough, so why not a little longer if it means you can get the best out there? I am not saying what AMD is doing is better than Intel. But we could always use a little competition in terms of price which is usually not Intel's interest. AMD APUs offer a little something extra you can not find in a Intel processor. Nothing wrong with that. I am just saying the discount is not steep enough to make me want to go out and buy another Intel processor. Not when you got more affordable tablets with a wide range of high performance processors at a low price. Just competition

As for UltraBooks, that market you are talking about is very niche. It is not even worth focusing on when you compare to the upcoming specs of these quadcore tablets with insane resolutions like 2560x1600. I guess Intel could make UltraTablets... To me, that clamshell design has got to go. I can not truly use it on the go. Tablets have more broad appeal and come at a more attractive price while being truly mobile. If UltraBooks want to stay relevant, even for that niche market, they better find ways to diversify the Ultrabooks. Change the for factor to offer the best of both worlds. Like the Asus Transformer. Touchscreen AND detachable keyboard. Add that with the power of the UltraBook and Intel has gotten itself a true winner. But right now people can not tell the difference between an UltraBook and a slim NoteBook like the MacBook Air. This is why the UltraBooks are not truly worth the asking price. There simply isn't anything that the UltraBook does that hasn't been done by DeskTop Replacement laptops.

I hope MicroCenter offer an additional discount on top of Intels 15% discount. 



"Might as well wait an extra 4 months"

For what ammounts to a 15% gain, I'll upgrade my system now if it needs it. What if my CPU is dead? Would  you advise that I just go 4 months without a computer to get a 15% boost that I won't really notice anyway?

I never accused you of calling AMD better but if you think the APU is relevant at the $200 price range you're badly mistaken.

Comparing something like the glorious 2500k and its kind to a limited, underpowered platform like tablets should earn you a year in jail. If someone is looking at a 2500K they aren't going to go "Oh, I could get a pretty decent performance boost in my desktop...or I could go get a nice little closed enviroment that will kind of let me do some gaming."

The market I'm talking about is the Ultrabook market. If it were not worth focusing on the Tech Giants wouldn't be focusing on it.

A quadcore tablet wouldn't compete with some of today's dual-core laptops. I don't see why you'd ever want 2560X1600 on an 11" screen, It'd look fucking horrendous. And if you've got a monitor at home that will do 2560X1600 you've got a machine to back it up and adding a tablet to the mix would be redundant.

What exactly would an UltraTablet be? A tablet with an i5 or i7 rocking in it? Newsflash, that's called a Slate and we've had them for longer than this "Tablet Frenzy."

Ultrabooks are not going to bend to your will simply because it is your will. Have you ever seen someone with slightly numb fingers try to use a touch screen? How about someone that has troubles seeing? The elderly? People like me that know I can get shit done a hell of a lot faster with my keyvoard/mouse combo?

Are you seriously so lazy that you cannot spend the extra three seconds opening a lid? Unless you're one of the assholes that uses their tablet while standing...

Tablets will fill their role as porteables behind phones and Ultrabooks will follow close behind.


Holly Golightly

A dead CPU is not the case with everybody. Chances are, if their CPU died, they could not use a SandyBridge anyways because the motherboards have different sockets based on each generation and class. In otherwords, if my Q6600 just died all of a sudden, I could not use a SandyBridge anyways because it does not have the LGA 1155 socket. So if I have a dead CPU, I would have to get a new motherboard to accomodate that new processor. Not very efficient knowing that the 2500k will soon be outdated due to SandyBridge E... Most people have more than 1 computer in their homes.

I have a desktop, and a laptop. Should my destop CPU die, then I can go use my laptop. If my laptop malfunctions, then I can simply just get my smartphone. So I am always connected no matter which platform I use. Of course I prefer my desktop because I can get a large screen which give me a much richer gaming experience. I also like the keyboard and mouse combo... However, this combination is not desireable with younger people.

I would recommend people who have trouble seeing to use a tablet. With functions like pinch-to-zoom, it can help people with poor vision see better. Can't really pinch to zoom on an UltraBook. It is just like any laptop. For UltraBooks, just touch the tiny mousepad area to navigate through the computer. The letter on the keyboard are tiny and are not adjustable like the programmable keyboard on a tablet. As for older people, they will stick with what they know best. If they are early adopters of their time, they will probably stick to the keyboard and mouse. However, old people who are getting into it now see tablets as something simple. Just press the icon with your finger. Just like you push a button with a machine of their time.

It is easier for me to carry around a tablet than it is for me to carry any clamshell devices. Laptops are great, but I must be stationed to use them. With limited battery life, I need to be plugged in. I might as well use a desktop if I am always going to be plugged in. This is why clamshell computers will be useless in the future. I can use a tablet while sitting in a crowded subway. I can use it (like you said) while standing up in the elevator. I can even use it while walking. And you know what is the best part? The long battery life allows me to stay on the go. Making my life that much more easier. Plus, it comes at a better price. If UltraBooks do not bend for their customers like tablets do... Then nobody will buy the UltraBook. People want a computer they can take with them anywhere and use them how they please. This is why I recommend UltraBooks to have detachable touchscreens... Like that found in the Asus Transformer Prime.

I only recommend the people to get the best possible product with their money. If they have waited long enough, why not wait a little while longer to get the absolute best in the market? The 2500K is great, but it is not the best. No hyper threading, and is limited to only 4 cores while the best money can buy offers twice as many cores with hyper threading. Of course, the 2500k is no chump in performance... But I would rather get a 15% boost in performance than a 15% discount. Makes it more future proof. I can run more intense programs. Maybe even get hyper threading that is not found in the 2500k? I do not know. Of course, I like the 2500k. Runs cool while under heavy load and overclocked. It's just not the absolute best money can buy.

Why would you think a higher resolution would be crappy? High pixel density means more details on the screen. The pixels would be so tiny that it hides any flaws that may be found on larger pixels. The more pixels, the more detail. Can you imagine 30" monitors running on 8K resolution? The sharpness. Can't lie, but the more, the merrier.

Calling the customer lazy is just plain wrong. Customers want simplicity. They don't want to be tied down to cords, limited to the systems functionality. People want absolute freedom. Not to be limited by their electronics. Don't worry, tablets will fail the moment we are allowed to have wearable-computers. I so want a watch that can keep me connected where a single charge can last me for a year or even more. True freedom. I can make phone calls from my watch just like Inspector Gadget. A watch that can check my heart rate and make sure I am healthy. But for now, tablets are the new "it" gadget, and there simply isn't any room to remember the good old times with the clamshell designed UltraBook. Gosh, the clamshell designed computers remind me just how popular flip phones were back in the 90s. Not that there is anything wrong with the form factor... I just don't want to be limited... Even if people will judge me as lazy.



I'm not even going to read that. I know that when a company lowers the price of something they will A.) Continue to sell as they did before and B.) Gain the sales from people that aren't willing to get in the waiting loop. "Well I'll wait till Ivy, Oooh now what's AMD doing, I'll wait for that, Oh but Kepler is just around the corner maybe I should wait until then.

You are a long-winded, backwards-minded, stubborn troll that I will no longer be dealing with.


Holly Golightly

I never cared what you have to say. You are the one who replies to my comments, and not the other way around. Remember that.

As for me, I'd rather get a processor that will outdate in 2 years than a processor a processor that will outdate in 4 months. You are backwards for clinging onto old technology. I embrace the future.

The damage has been done. Enjoy your savings of $4 and run ourdated hardware. I'll sure be enjoying the latest and greatest... But not you!!! LOL



You make a compelling case for waiting for ivy bridge. I've been saving up for my next build. Finally making the jump to I7. Oh well, I can wait a few months more. My Q9650 still runs all my games with ease. Thanks for the MicroCenter tip. I'll definately check it out. I've mostly dealt with NCIX (canadian supplier).


Holly Golightly

NCIX is great. Love their selection and prices. This is based on their USA division. They always seem to have rare stuff I can not find in NewEgg. Plus, I love NCIX Linus Tech Tips on YouTube.

MicroCenter is definitely the spot to go to when it comes to Intel processors. I hope they add their discounts on top of what Intel is giving. Then it might be worth it. But I feel you have waited this long, why not another 4 months and you will have more room to overclock at cooler temperatures. This current generation of Intel SandyBridge is great, and is no slouch when it comes to performance, but Ivy Bridge are 3D processors that will have a longer lifespan while SandyBridge will be a generation old. I just don't know the prices, or if MicroCenter will even offer a discount on them. Even if they are too expensive, you can always get SandyBridge even cheaper by then. So either way, you win, really.



Hopefully that means K chips as well!

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