Intel Doesn't Love Vista



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"We can hope that this serves as a reminder to Microsoft of what we want and do not want in Windows 7. "

Indeed!  Vista was just loaded to the gills with features, features, features!  All that is well and good, but it needs to be at least as fast as the previous generation OS.  And actually, it should be faster - after all, hasn't programming advanced while the new OS was being written? 

Windows 7 could be XP with WinFS and DX10 and it would be a winner, IMO.  Lean and mean will do better than bloated, every time. 



WinFS- I was really disapointed that it didn't make the cut into Vista. Everyone had really high expectations for it, but we really won't ever know what it might have done. Last I heard of it, it's components were going to go into SQL Server.




"Vista’s reception has only been slightly better than Windows Millennium
was. It is worse than Girlfriend 1.0, with nag screen after nag screen.
Performance lags behind XP across the board, who would want to adopt
Vista? It is the ugly stepchild and if many companies can swing it they
will leave it on Microsoft’s doorstep, hoping the next version of
Windows due out in 2010 is something better."

Show me the benchmarks. Show them to me, RIGHT NOW. Take a system with 2GB of RAM, a dual core processor, and a midrange graphics card and SHOW ME THE F*&#@!% benchmarks. No, I don't care that you did a benchmark over a year ago, that was a year ago you nut. People like you remind me more of console fanatics than honest PC users. 

As for any company not adopting Vista, I think that is their decision. Vista adds a bit of security, but for a business system which will already have AV software installed, XP should be fine anyway. I'm not sure businesses will feel compelled to Windows 7 or ANY other OS EVER to be honest. Why should they? XP works fine! 


Talcum X

I 2nd that.



Every morning is the dawn of a new error.



This is especially funny to me given that Intel sure screwed a lot of consumers by forcing MS to label 915 chipsets as 'Vista ready'.


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